Sunday, October 25, 2009

12 Watt FM Transmitter

FM transmitter is discussed in this article is to set the FM transmitter with a power of 12 Watt.Sirkit consists of 3 parts, yaknik oscillators, first-degree buffer (buffer 1) and second-level Buffer (buffer 2). After a try, oscillator result was quite satisfactory, in addition to stable oscillator produces a strong signal. Therefore, the oscillator is used without modification. Transistor at the first level buffer (buffer 1) the original use C1970 transistors, the value of R6 was changed to 10K, to provide the appropriate bias for the transistor C1970. 33pF capacitor on the collector C8 buffer replaced with the value for 5-60pF Trimmer tuning easier. Transistor level in the second buffer (Buffer 2), using the C1971, and also kolektornya Trimmer kapastor in C11 with a value of 5-60 pF. At the second level of output given the additional inductor and capacitor that serves as an impedance tuning, so the buffer output impedance less than the end of it changed to 380 Ohm 50 Ohm. Here is a schematic drawing:

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